Our Infant Program – 10 weeks – 18 months

Current research clearly shows that the most important period in a human being’s educational and emotional development are not the years of high school and college but rather the first six years of life.

The young child’s mind is more like that of an acute observer or scientist, eager to learn, explore, try new things, and master new skills. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that with stimulation, the child’s ability to concentrate, absorb, and master new ideas and skills increases, and that the earlier we begin a program of intellectual, physical, sensory, and artistic education, the more dramatic the result.

“The child becoming incarnate is a spiritual embryo which needs its own special environment.  Just as a physical embryo needs its mother’s womb in which to grow, so the spiritual embryo needs to be protected by an external environment that is warm with love and rich in nourishment, where everything is disposed to welcome, and nothing to harm it.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

At HMS, our infants are provided a spacious, calm and inviting environment, rich in sensory experiences. They focus on learning to use their gross muscles for crawling, walking and running and fine muscles for touching, grasping, eating, painting and later, writing. Within our safe and nurturing environment, our infants enjoy the freedom of movement, discovery and interaction as they grow and develop.

As part of our Montessori curriculum, our infants participate in activities such as art, finger plays, music and movement, baby sign language, tummy time, story time, beginning Montessori lessons that encourage sensory and motor development, introduction to Spanish and outdoor time every day the weather permits. Flexible scheduling allows each child to eat, sleep, or play according to his or her own natural timetable. Our experienced caregivers provide personalized and loving care for each child. And close communication between parent and caregiver is essential.

Program Options

3 day, 4 Day or 5 Day Options

3 day, 4 Day or 5 Day Options
(8:30am – 4:30pm) and (8:30am-6:00pm)


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