My daughter loves going to school and has become so much more independent since she started at Ha’penny. It’s wonderful to have her teachers know where she can grow her abilities and who push her to do things I did not realize she was ready for yet. My little girl can do so much more on her own than I realized. – Jenna Stein – Toddler Parent

We have had a good year! Muiride is always very receptive and responsive to my questions and concerns. The teachers are very attentive to the students, my son goes to school excited to learn and comes home happy. Linda Glenn – Primary Parent

Ha’penny staff and teachers are doing a wonderful job taking care of and teaching William. He enjoys going to school!Laurie Wenell – Primary Parent

We have nothing but good things to say about Ha’penny. The kids are encouraged to push to the next level and the teachers are wonderful.Jennifer Pung – Toddler and Primary Parent

HMS has been absolutely wonderful for Ellie. Her teachers are very warm, friendly, and nurturing individuals. Ellie has grown so much in the past few months in her independence and overall confidence. She takes the initiative to do things on her own at home and takes pride in these accomplishments!

The communication from school to home is excellent. I love the weekly pictures on Facebook!Christina Narusewicz – Primary Parent

We’ve been at Ha’penny for over a year and couldn’t be happier. The teachers are incredibly warm, nurturing, and welcoming to the students; they go out of their way to treat each student like their own. The staff is very helpful, answers all questions, and creates a real family-like feeling at the school. My son loves his teachers, friends, and seems to really enjoy his time at Ha’penny. – Danielle Davis – Infant and Toddler Parent

Ha’penny has helped Reyansh come a long way in terms of building confidence and independence. He has a positive attitude towards school and is showing curiosity in all spheres of daily life, which we believe is the best way to learn instead of just by rote. His social development and ability to show empathy, kindness, and courage when needed are what we really want to build on while he’s at Ha’penny as it’s the perfect setting for this. The school admin and teachers have been very accommodating and perceptive on several matters and we and our children are lucky to have this experience.Prachi Pokhariyal – Toddler and Primary parent

Ha’penny has contributed tremendously towards our children’s social development and in inculcating a sense of curiosity. We believe true knowledge is acquired by observing and responding to stimuli around us and we are very glad to see that our sons are inquisitive and curious about not just academic concepts but about their surroundings in general. They have developed respect for others wishes, negotiating skills (esp. over favorite toys :), and a sense of discipline without being too stifled. Prachi Pokhariyal – Toddler and Primary parent

We love the care that we see given to both of our children. The teachers truly care about their well-being and education. It’s a wonderful blend that compliments what we try to give them at home to make them good people. – Sarah Smith- Infant and Primary parent

I must say we have been at a different Montessori before and by far ha penny gives us a family feel. I just love the way Muiride is connected with the parents. The school uses the necessary techniques to keep the parents informed about the things happening in the school. She connects any concern with the teacher and is very approachable. The teachers make the school loving and caring and a home away from home. I am proud to send my kids here.Shrita Sharma – Toddler and Primary parent

We have been extremely happy with the education, kindness, and attention that Asher receives at Ha’penny. We also appreciate the Director’s and Teacher’s willingness to work with us and Asher’s therapist on her dyslexia.Angie Williams – Toddler and Primary Parent

Ha’penny has been an amazing environment for Anisha. HMS promotes learning while also allowing the child to form cherished bonds with teacher and fellow classmates. I am glad to be sending Anisha to HMS!Primary Parent